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Welcome to the Jersey Shore Arena - Adult Hockey League Registration


Season Runs September thru December! 

12 Game Season - Playoffs!

You must pay by credit card, debit card, or debit from bank account. 
A processing fee of 2.9% plus $1 will be added to your fee at checkout

Your registration session is not complete until you receive the confirmation at the end.

USA Hockey Confirmation Number

You will be required to enter your USA Hockey number for the current season.

-If you already registered with USA Hockey this upcoming season  but do not have your number handy, you can use the link below and simply click on "Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation" to get your USAH number.

-If you do not have a USAH numberyou may register with USAH:



Adult Hockey League Payment Information

Please be sure to contact your team captain to find out how much you specifically owe AS A PLAYER for participation. 


Please direct questions to Ray Lawlor.

Ray Lawlor


Phone: 732-919-7070